FlavourPost is an online marketplace connecting artisans and food businesses with customers both locally and from all over the world. Our mission is to connect the world one flavour at a time!


Meet The Founders


Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBE
Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones was born in Jamaica and grew up in inner-city Birmingham. Following a turn as producer-director of BBC’s Food and Drink, Wilfred ran his own marketing agency, before buying a farm in Devon from which he launched his multi-million-pound, award-winning Black Farmer brand. He has since set up the Black Farmer Scholarship, which aims to help and encourage ethnic minorities to work in the rural community.
Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones also runs a successful collaborative business incubator called The Hatchery for ambitious food entrepreneurs. The Hatchery brings together exciting fledgling food brands enabling them to benefit from some of the advantages that large businesses take for granted – knowledge, reputation, and scale. He is now set on bringing the same advantages to the wider community of food entrepreneurs through the FlavourPost platform.


Anki Koivumaki
An entrepreneur at heart with a varied background in sales, marketing and product development, the startup scene has always been at the core of Anki’s entrepreneurial journey. With a strong focus on early business development - a path that has lead through retail, textiles and leather goods, via digital marketing, to finally landing in the FMCG food sector - her passion has always been at the grassroots of building up businesses.
The FlavourPost idea was born in 2019 with a wish to connect artisans and independent food businesses with customers anywhere in the world. Fast forward to the current day and the ongoing pandemic, the marketplace idea has proven to be more needed than ever, with its positive vision to connect the world through all its wonderful flavours.