Feb 06, 22

Why FlavourPost?

FlavourPost is all about the makers. They are the innovators who enrich our marketplace with everything from artisanal chocolates to slowly fermented vinegars, to plastic-free teas and much more!

We are seeing a resurgence in artisan food; a growing interest in finding quality produce from small and often local producers. If this is what you are looking for, then FlavourPost is exactly the right place for you! Our community of makers is growing by the day and we are very excited to connect you with them. It is a platform dedicated for discovering new flavours, products and makers with a focus on small batch and artisanal producers.

 We have a wide range of products which means that there is something for everyone. We have combined the joy of discovering new brands with the ease of finding them all in one place through our marketplace. And what's better yet; with us you can be sure that you are supporting the makers with your purchase.

So welcome to FlavourPost. Get inspired to try new flavours, find delicious foodie gifts for your family and friends, or why not treat yourself to something extra special!


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