Granny's Favourites - luxury Devon artisan ice cream (6 pots)

A selection of the most loved flavours of award winning Devon artisan ice creams in 500ml pots selected by the GG team. All made with the freshest milk from Oak Park Dairy, West Country double cream, Clarence Court free range egg and a little sugar.

Delivery by DPD Next Day Delivery using Dry Ice - dispatch on Wednesdays.


Royal Crown Vanilla - A rich and creamy vanilla ice cream with nothing artificial just the freshest ingredients.

Chocolate Chuckle - Made with the finest Belgian Dark Chocolate

Honeycomb Crunch - A honey ice cream with the addition of 2 types of handmade honeycomb, one to ripple and one to crunch !

Speckled Mint - Often heard this is the best mint ice cream I have ever tasted, and its not green!

Salted Caramel - Our award winning Caramel ice cream with the extra taste of the finest sea salt

Strawberries & Cream - Summer in a bowl, just fruit, double cream and very little else


Royal Crown Vanilla: (Milk ,Double cream (Milk), Egg yolk, Vanilla pods Sugar, Glucose, Dextrose, Milk protein, Locust bean gum)

Chocolate Chuckle: Fresh milk, double cream (milk), Real Belgian Chocolate, Soya Lecithin, Egg yolk, sugar, glucose, dextrose, locust bean gum,

Honeycomb Crunch: Milk ,Double cream (Milk), Egg yolk, Honeycomb,Honey,Sugar, Glucose, Dextrose Milk protein, Locust Bean Gum (HONEYCOMB CONTAINS SULPHITES)

Speckled Mint: Milk ,Double cream (Milk), Egg yolk, Mint (sucrose syrup, flavour, carrageen), Chocolate pieces (cocoa powder,sucrose vegetable oil, flavour, lecithin) Sugar, Dextrose, Glucose, Locust bean gum

Salted Caramel: Milk ,Double cream, (Milk) Egg yolk, Cane sugar, dextrose, fructose, glucose syrup, skimmed Milk powder, caramel (sugar, glucose syrup, cream , butter), natural flavouring, locust bean gum, salt, Maldon sea salt

Strawberry & Cream: Double cream (milk), Egg yolk, Strawberries, Sugar, Glucose, Dextrose, milk protein, Locust bean gum