Revitalising Tea - Organic - 15 Pyramids

Greenypeeps Organic Revitalising Tea is a lively, energetic infusion. Minty fresh organic peppermint from Egypt pefectly balanced with sweet, lip-smacking organic liquorice from India.
Recently awarded an esteemed Great Taste Award, this tea is perfectly suited to the morning ‘pick-me-up’ or the afternoon ‘get-me-through-to-dinner’ cuppa.


15 x biodegradable tea bags

All Greenypeeps products …

  • are CARBON NEGATIVE. We measure and calculate the carbon emissions for the entire lifecycle of each product. We then invest in reducing our emissions AND in projects that drawdown MORE THAN TWICE the carbon than we emit.
  • are entirely PLASTIC-FREE and all packaging is either COMPOSTABLE or RECYCLABLE leaving NO HARMFUL TRACE or negative impact on nature.
  • donate 3% OF SALES directly to LOCAL ENVIRONMENT AND COMMUNITY PROJECTS. Currently we are funding smallholders in Hiniduma, Southern Sri Lanka, to plant and nurture indigenous rainforest trees in order to create a VITAL BIOLINK between two of Sri Lanka’s most significant and important areas of rainforest.